The Navajo Product Suite

The Navajo product suite was designed for developers to enable information flow between a multitude of datasources and output channels. It is meant to integrate existing business applications, leverage application development and to extend the boundaries of your clients. Apart from having an extensive set of development and deployment tools, the Navajo Product Suite focuses around two complementary parts:

  • Navajo: a Universal Application Interface language
  • Tipi: a Universal User Interface definition language

What can Navajo and Tipi be used for?

A powerful easy to use data/logic abstraction layer for both GUI frameworks as well as other applications

The Navajo Product Suite can essentially be seen as a fully-fledged service oriented development framework. With the Navajo server you can build XML services that are able to collect, combine, and share information easily, from many diverse datasources. On top of Navajo, Tipi allows developers to define user interfaces that can be deployed to the web or a desktop application using a single XML UI codebase. With Navajo and Tipi you can build applications of any scope ranging from from small websites or client side tools to large scale service oriented architectures.

Go to the documentation section to get started using Navajo and Tipi and to learn more.

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